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Periodontitis, or gum disease, is a bacterial infection in the gums and surrounding bone that results in chronic inflammation which can damage the gums and ultimately, lead to losing teeth. Symptoms include bleeding during brushing, chronic bad breath, red and swollen gums, receding gum line, and loose or shifting teeth. When plaque builds up along the gum line, gums become inflamed and begin to pull away from the teeth. This is why it’s so important to remove the sticky film of plaque that forms on the teeth every day! The early stages of gum disease are classified as gingivitis, and if caught early on, the effects of the disease can be reversed. Once the gums and bone begin to deteriorate, the damage is permanent and can only be managed, not cured, with professional treatment. Daily brushing and flossing can help prevent the onset of periodontal disease, but regular oral exams and cleanings are necessary to ensure that all plaque, calculus, staining is removed from the teeth and that the signs of gum disease are caught before the damage is irreversible. Many patients do not experience any symptoms of periodontal disease until it’s too late, which is why it’s important to schedule an evaluation today to learn more! If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, you are not alone. Research shows more than half of Americans suffer from periodontal disease. Finding the disease is the first step in preventing tooth loss! WARNING SIGNS OF PERIODONTAL DISEASE: Bleeding gums Red, swollen or tender gums Bad breath that doesn’t go away Loose or separating teeth Pus between your teeth A change in the way your teeth fit together

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  • 8 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA


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